Corporate Training

Outward Corporate Training

At Prime Adventure, we are specialized in corporate adventure camps from 1 to 2 days duration, fully catered and programmed.

Successful businesses have a commitment to excellence and a policy of best practice which can only be achieved with a team orientated workforce, cohesively working towards clearly defined, common business goals.

Our outdoor camps provide an ideal vehicle for corporate employees to establish and develop a strong sense of identity and community. We offer challenging and rewarding outdoor experience in a safe and nurturing natural environment with the opportunity to achieve their personal best. Our programs are designed with an emphasis on ‘achievement’ as a quality learning outcome.

High performance, successful teams demonstrate the following characteristics:
  • Clear realistic objectives
  • Shared sense of purpose
  • Commitment and contribution from all team members
  • Respect for fellow team members and their individual contributions
  • Excellent communication
  • Atmosphere of openness and transparency
  • Effective use of resources
  • Exceptional problem-solving skills
  • Reviews on progress
  • Ability to ride out storms
  • The facility to build on their experience

  • After productive day of fun and adventure activities, Participants are housed in outdoor tents to spend the night. It’s a unique experience created with less facilities and less comforts in as a hotel room. But safety is not compromised.

    General facilities

    • Hygienic Meals
    • Water / Electricity
    • Bathrooms
    • Natural Water pool
    • Comfortable tents
    • 24 hour security
    • Transport arrangements

    At Dome Hanthana We provide different kind of services and facilities.

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